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Guyana closer to becoming first-choice health care destination

By Kellon Rover

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, (DPI) – The PPP/C government has made a significant leap toward transforming Guyana into a first-choice health care destination, following the signing of an agreement with the Mount Sinai Health System and Hess Corporation.

The binding document to accelerate the national health care initiative was signed during a simple ceremony at State House, on Friday.

President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, said the greatest change any society should desire is one where people could live long and healthy lives, adding that improved health care is the engine through which this could be accomplished.

The head of dtate said HESS Corporation is investing some US $32 million into the long-term medical master plan which will ensure all Guyanese receive the best possible health care, while boosting Guyana’s potential due to the remarkable investments made in all sectors by the administration.

“We have negotiated a facility with Mount Sinai for Guyana, that is, whilst we are building out our healthcare system, if there is any specialised need or any requirement for medical treatment for any Guyanese, once it passes through the ministry of health, they will provide that service at 30 percent discount,” the president emphasised.

The administration intends to accurately track the medical life of every Guyanese, to adequately prepare for any future medical illnesses.

“We need to do something different. By the end of this process, we must be able to go to every single secondary school, register every child, and do a baseline health assessment of every child, and in doing that baseline assessment, put them on an electronic patient management information system where we can track them for the rest of their lives, and provide the best health care system to them,” he noted.

Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer of the Mount Sinai Health System, Dr Jeremy Boal and Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony exchanging copies of the signed agreement, at State House on Friday.

Dr Ali said there must be a complete overhaul of the medical system at the public and private levels, including upgrading legislation and modernising the health care infrastructure.

He underscored that the national health care initiative requires ardent partnerships, not only between the Mount Sinai Health System and Hess Corporation, but support from the private sector, and most importantly the Guyanese people.

A coordinating steering committee which includes representatives of the government, the Mount Sinai Health System, and Hess Corporation, and a national steering committee that includes the private sector and the government, will be established as plans advance.

Mount Sinai is an integrated health care system providing exceptional medical care to local and global communities.

Executive vice president and chief clinical officer, Dr Jeremy Boal said the organisation is happy to partner with Guyana in driving the country’s medical agenda.

He pointed out that a team of clinical quality administration leaders will arrive here to engage with their counterparts at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation to improve and enhance caring outcomes.

Meanwhile, minister of health, Dr Frank Anthony said the signing represents one of the pivotal moments for healthcare transformation in Guyana, noting that it also advances President Ali’s agenda.

“We envisage the day when some will have a smart card when they come to any one of our facilities, that they will be able to present that card and when they put it into the computer system at any one of the facilities you will be able to pull up that patient record, regardless of whichever part of the system you come to,” the health minister said.

Hess Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), John Hess, said the long-term strategic partnership is one that his cooperation is honoured to undertake, noting that developing the nation’s natural resources is important to the company.

“We are honoured to be part of the strategic partnership with government and Mount Sinai to bring a brighter and healthier future for every Guyanese citizens and the country’s future generations,” Hess stated.

Hess Corporation is a global independent energy company involved in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas.



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