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Football for friendship invites children as real sports commentator

BERLIN, Germany – The International Young Commentators Competition for children 9-14 years old will be held on September 15 – November 15, 2020, on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The jury will include Yazn Taha, the 12-year-old journalist, who holds the title of the world’s youngest football commentator.

Children from all countries and regions of the world are invited to make a video in which they comment in English on a 1-minute segment of the match (VIDEO), without editing, and post the video on social networks with the hashtag #F4FCommentator indicating their age and country of residence.

The competition will have two stages:

  • Stage I – selecting the best Young Commentator in each country. September 15 – October 15, 2020.
  • Stage II – choosing the winner of the Competition by online vote. October 15 – November 9, 2020.

The results of the competition will be announced on November 10 – November 15, 2020.

Participants of the competition will receive valuable prizes from the International Children’s social programme Football for Friendship: a set of professional streaming audio-video equipment and souvenirs with the symbols of the project.

The participation of Yazn Taha in the jury this year is symbolic for Football for Friendship. It serves as an excellent example and great motivation for all the participants of the competition. In 2018, Yazn took part in the final events of the sixth season in Moscow. It was the first time he commented in English on the Football for Friendship World Championship Final, before he did so only in Arabic. At the same time, Yazn and over 2, 000 participants of the programme attended the opening match of the 2018 World Cup – Russia – Saudi Arabia. For the key events of the seventh season in Madrid, Yazn had learnt Spanish.

“I started playing football at the age of 5, which is also when I commented on my first match: Barcelona – Real Madrid.  I know it sounds incredible, but it happened on its own. I really like not only to comment on matches, but also to play football. Trying myself in the new format of the Football for Friendship programme and taking part in the online game that will be released in November is a great opportunity. I look forward to the release to invite all my friends to join me and meet everyone on the virtual football pitch,” shared Yazn Taha.

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