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Cyber targeting of UK democratic institutions

ENGLAND / AUSTRALIA – The Australian government joins the United Kingdom and other international partners in expressing serious concerns about malicious cyber activities by China state-backed actors targeting UK democratic institutions and parliamentarians.

The persistent targeting of democratic institutions and processes has implications for democratic and open societies like Australia. This behaviour is unacceptable and must stop.

Australia calls on all states to act responsibly in cyberspace.

Australia’s electoral systems were not compromised by the cyber campaigns targeting the UK. Australia remains well-positioned to continue to resist and address threats to our electoral roll. This is critical to maintaining public trust in our democracy.

The Australian Electoral Commission has strong measures in place to ensure Australia’s electoral roll is secure. This includes working closely with members of the Electoral Integrity Assurance Taskforce, to ensure Australia’s systems are protected from the threat of foreign interference.

The government continues to invest in protecting our public institutions and strengthening our national cyber security defences, including through the implementation of the 2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy.

Australia will continue to cooperate with our international partners to promote international law and the agreed framework of responsible state behaviour in cyberspace and call out states if they act contrary to these international obligations and expectations.



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