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Can the police be free of political entanglements?

Dear Sir

I watched the committee investigating the January 6th attack on the US Capital Building. My family and I had also seen the attack happen on that day, having noticed one significant thing. Where were the police that were suppose to be protecting the Capital Building and the officials carrying out official business that day?

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear”. James Neil Hollingworth

A siege upon this symbol of democracy. This siege occurred over 5-6 hours. The police authorities had every opportunity to stop this siege, but they did not. Why were the various security forces absent?

At full force the Capital Police Department has 1,800 officers. Mayor Muriel Bowser asked the attorney-general, the Secretary of The Army and the acting Secretary of Defense if the Federal government deployed significant officers for the protection of The District of Columbia, and whether DC Police required assistance. The US Park Police, US Capital Police and the Secret Service were said to be deployed, yet thousands of violent protesters were able to invade the Capital Building and threaten US government officials.

What was going on?

President Donald Trump was a very unpredictable task master, capable of firing any official he wish to. The heads of the various police and security agencies were simply afraid of carrying out their jobs, ordering their officers to disperse the protesters and protect the capital. Yes, there can be no other reason this violent fiasco carried on for so many hours. The heads of the Capital Police, DC Police, Secret Service, FBI and other Agencies protected their positions.

Were they acting in accordance with their oath to protect the capital…serve and protect? Were they afraid of what president Trump could do to their professional careers?

Many politicians love to claim their police departments are free of undo political influence, but we can certainly believe that the heads of some police and security agencies are appointed by mayors, governors and presidents too?

These past few years we have experienced police actions and inaction creating a crisis of public trust in those who protect us.

The mass murder of children in Texas, where for one hour the police seemed to stand. The Trucker Convoy in Ottawa was allowed to happen because the police were seemingly not able to make sound judgements. January 6th could have been just another protest instead of a insurrection and assault upon American Democracy.

So, can the police do their jobs fully, while their command structure (higher up’s) are afraid of political interference and manipulation?

Police departments depend upon their leadership, inspiration and control of their command structure and if it does not work for what ever reason, the officers on the streets are on their own.

A clear break is needed, separating police command from political entanglements and influence. Real transparency and accountability is needed.

Steven Kaszab

Bradford, Ontario



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