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Blue economic investor roundtable

Dear Investor
The current times have forced all of us to take a deep and compelling look at how we exist, co-create, live, and do business.  With the latter, it has forced us to recalibrate and hack the business of doing business resulting in the birth of new innovations! Small Island Development States (SIDS), quite often exudes itself as an Innovators’ mecca and in so doing, produces some of the world’s formidable process and product inventions. As the OECS Commission, it is our mandate to foster the evolution of industry, innovation, and infrastructure as we make development happen for the Caribbean – the place where we live, play, raise our families and do business.

In refocusing the lens inwardly, the Commission now ventures on a journey of channeling investments towards the monetization of the Blue Economy, and rightly so, we seek to diversify our Small Island Development States. In addition to this, we also act as a pivot to showcase some of the Caribbean’s high-growth potential firms through the SDM Business Model Competition. The ambition of the OECS Commission is to summon the interest of local, regional, and global investors who are keen on growing the Caribbean while reaping unprecedented returns and by extent create a sustainable future.

The Republic Bank Ltd responded to the Commission’s ambition by investing USD 100,000 in the Business Model Competition. It is at this point that we open the Call for Investors to register interest for the opportunities presented below.


Didacus Jules
OECS Commission



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