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BLPA to implement model farms countrywide 

By Government Press Office | BELIZE

BELMOPAN, Belize – On August 29, 2022, the ministry of economic development in conjunction with the ministries of sustainable development, rural transformation and agriculture met with the Belize Livestock Producers Association (BLPA) to discuss a climate change adoption approach for the cattle industry that is aligned with the Nationally Determined Contribution- Belize.

In 2018, the BLPA piloted a project funded by the Inter-American Development Bank to enhance livestock productivity and resilience to climate change in Belize. This project, through the establishment of model farms, tested some climate-smart livestock technologies such as the use of water-stress tolerant grasses and legumes, the promotion of forage conservation strategies (silage), the strategic supplementation of cattle that uses local feed resources and multi-nutritional blocks, and the application of water harvesting technologies, among others. These technologies showed significant positive results, that if implemented on a national level, will positively impact the livestock industry, not only creating resiliency but increasing livestock productivity.

In keeping up with its mandate, the livestock industry developed a five-year strategic plan with three objectives:

  1. To strengthen the governance structure of the BLPA;
  2. To strengthen the technical and administrative capacities of BLPA and offer technical assistance to other livestock associations; and
  3. To strengthen trade cooperation and coordination for improved market access and marketing of livestock and cattle products, both nationally and internationally.

Maximiliano Ortega, project coordinator for the BLPA, presented the findings to Dr Osmond Martinez, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the ministry of economic development; Dr Kenrick Williams, CEO for the ministry of sustainable development;  Valentino Shal, CEO for the ministry of rural transformation; and Dr Victoriano Pascual, acting chief agricultural officer for the ministry of agriculture.

Discussions are underway with the possibility to upscale the project and implement model farms countrywide.



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