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Barbadian Dream: Independence to becoming

A sweeping wind has blown over Barbados

instituting and independently free air,

the people have begun to see their future

as a people of note and flare.


Driveaway the web of empire,

bring forth an attitude of creation and dreams.

Let us build a Barbados independent of others needs.

The British have had their day,

their institutions helped form us all.

Open our Barbadian eye’s to it all.


Uniting our region, called the Caribbean way.

Cannot Barbados lead the way?

A proud people the Barbadians,

uniquely in tune with their fate

to form a greater regional nation

beyond their island state.


Barbados is more than what others see,

not just the sun, beaches and families,

but a mighty democracy with pride and spunk.

A Barbadian Nation lead by its people

towards a bright future among others in need.


Barbados steps forth for all to see.

a bright sun within the Caribbean Galaxy.

Shine forth with all your creative genius,

bring forth the Barbadian Dream.

That Barbadians has much to show the world

and bring forth its gentle nationality.


Barbados is the sum total of its people,

and the Barbadian People you must see,

for they are about to bring forth a future

that their multinational archipelago needs.


Barbados Congratulations,

Barbadians onward to the future please.

Yours is a land of peaceful elegance,

walk forward and declare yourself Free.


Steven Kaszab

Bradford, Ontario



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