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Affordable housing is a human right! Right?

By Steven Kaszab

The National government of Ontario’s Ford administration have made efforts to promote building starts in Canada. They are attempting to cut the red tape and regulation of their governments upon the developers who seem to be responsible for building more houses.

Well, that is a good start, but these political moves only assist those who can afford million-dollar homes. These politicians are helping their friends in the Real Estate and Development sectors only, as well as the well off who can afford the costly homes we presently have to choose from. Limiting Foreign Corporations and individuals to buy existing and future homes only helps those who have the funds to invest in these costly homes.

Developers will continue to build costly homes. Let me rephrase that. Developers will continue to price new homes because they can. That’s what they are in business for, to make a profit. The Real Estate sector and those who presently own homes will also continue to escalate home prices. That is a given. Passive investors care only about the profits they will make, and not about Ontarians’ or Canadians’ ability to afford that which many are competing for, a home to live in.

Homebuyers, and more importantly potential renters of apartment-style homes are casualties of the present-day buying frenzy. On the right side, we find those who sell and build who have no intention of creating affordable housing. On the left side are those with no imagination or know how to assist those in the middle, those looking for a place to live. Canadians have had thousands of Syrian refugees coming into Canada, and soon, thousands of Ukrainian refugees will be adding to the competition of home locations, and home acquisition. Where are these people going to live?

Canada’s economic system, in relation to real estate and development sector, requires drastic changes. A more selfish group you cannot find anywhere in Canada. The system they have created has caused the ballooning of housing potentials in all of Canada’s larger cities. They drive up prices and their commissions too, and also build mass housing that will be overpriced to meet the market prices they have set. No real help from this sector can be found.

The government wants to use this sector to fulfil its pledge to create affordable housing, but every time they are hoodwinked by the sector. Apartment buildings in Canada are rarely found. The very way we view housing needs to be changed. In Europe, Asia and most of the world renting an apartment is commonly done, has no social stigma attached to it, while in Canada the “Canadian and American Dream” of homeownership is still promoted by the developers/real estate sectors and our governments.

The various governments of Canada have ownership of land being unused. Build apartment buildings that will stand the challenges of time and rent these out to people as starter homes, permanent homes, but not investments. A two-bedroom apartment should not go for more than a thousand dollars a month. Fill our empty fields with well-made apartment buildings owned by municipal or provincial governments.

End the dictatorship over housing starts, controlled not by the people, but by groups and corporations of the real estate and developers Cabal/Cartel. Yes, this Cartel is limiting every one of us from finding a place to live. They buy up scarce land all over the place and leave this land undeveloped. A falsely created scarcity of housing is developed, driving up prices across our nation. Price fixing is a crime, but apparently, businesspeople are allowed to do the same thing. The governments are also accountable for allowing this catastrophe to occur.

Canadians need to look into the relationship that is found between real estate/developers and our various governments. Should there be any shenanigans, it would explain why Canadians cannot find affordable or accessible housing. End the housing cartels reach into your pockets, as well as those of our elected officials.

Do developers and Real Estate giants donate to politicians? OH YAH. What to do about Canada’s housing portfolio?

  1. Governments need to become directly involved in the financing and building of affordable homes, apartment buildings and large housing unit structures across the nation.
  2. The influence of the real estate and developers must be ended. Appropriate taxation of these sectors must be applied. Unused land must be taxed, raising needed revenue and inspiring the industry to build for the future.
  3. End financial donations directed to political parties by real estate and developers.
  4. Imaginative and affordable housing styles must be developed and introduced in Canada.

Our expectations of a home must change. North American society is a privileged society. Young people want what their parents were able to acquire in time. An approach rooted in need is required here. Massive residential houses are for the rich. Durable livable spaces are what’s required.

The government has spent massive amounts of revenue trying to grow the economy, most of this revenue borrowed. Building affordable housing seems the appropriate plan for the future. Every lifestyle and income needs to be considered.

Housing is a human right! Right?



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