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Former Grenadian ministers linked to botched sale of Caribbean diplomatic passport

GRENADA / ANTIGUA – BARBUDA –  This story starts as many stories before, about a European businessman, who was apparently told that he would be provided with a diplomatic passport from a Caribbean country in exchange for a sum of money to be turned over through an Antiguan Envoy, Kemal Osmel Nicholson.

Kemal Nicholson, a self-renowned “leading expert in the Caribbean Citizenship-by-investment programs”, is at the centre of a seemingly massive corruption scheme involving an illegal sale of a Grenada diplomatic passport to a questionable individual that involves cash exchange with several former ministers.

It is very strange that a purported Antiguan envoy would be seemingly promoting the sale of Grenadian diplomatic passports just days before the last election (June 23, 2022) in a final ditch attempt to raise money. Two former Grenadian ministers are also said to be implicated in this scandal.

Despite the presumable payment of the significant amount of money, the individual did not receive his promised diplomatic passport. The investor himself must also be questioned, as to why he would transact with an Antigua envoy to obtain a Grenadian diplomatic passport.

Under the slogan of “Freedom The Caribbean Way” Nicholson is promoting business that is beyond questionable with payments in cryptocurrency and further promotions for individuals seeking to “hide from the law” in more ways than one “Freedom and Tax Heaven with CINVEST.

Questionable practices of Kemal Nicholson start with the website of his company CINVEST Holdings Ltd of Fffryes Estates St Mary’s, Antigua which features “Grenada CBI Program subagent license” No. GCBI-MA-71 issued by BAOBAB IMMIGRATION SERVICES INC authorizing: “Such sub-agent to the provisions and regulations of Grenada Citizenship by Investment Act, 2013 of the Laws of Grenada, (as amended).

Grenada Citizenship by Investment Act does not provide for sub-agent licenses to be issued by any competent authority. Grenada Citizenship by Investment authority confirmed that no such license has been issued on 8th day of June 2022 as stated on the document that is displayed on the site of company.

The instrument of appointment from the government of Antigua and Barbuda, office of the prime minister appointed Kemal O. Nicholson as the Special Economic Envoy of Antigua and Barbuda “and valid for one year, in the first instance, until the 14th day of July in the year 2022.”

Such diplomatic representation seems represented as an apparent authority to market the citizenship by investment program which contradicts the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961, which regulates the conduct of appointment diplomats to the recipient state.

We are investigating a number of other diplomatic appointees that are using their diplomatic positions to promote citizenship by investment in contravention of international convention.

A number of Chinese individuals have been brought to our attention that are acting in a flagrant breach of the convention.



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